Mixitup versus isotope, for using with pulse

Hey guys,

I have trouble choosing between MixItUp and Isotope.
Michael ( @pulsecms ) chose MixItUp for the Pulse site.
Justin ( @JRAYCV ) chose Isotope on his Carousel demo page.
What are the pros and cons for each when using it with PulseCMS?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Brian,

I’ve just used MixItUp for a client project I’m working on, based on my experience with both, personally I’ve found MixItUp simpler to set up than Isotope.

Hope this can help you decide.



Great analysis @egomade

That could be it. I always used Isotope in previous years until I found out about MixItUp…
that said with Pulse both are just as good except MixItUp slightly simpler to set up but that should deter you as I’ve seen how good your work is :wink:

I would say choose the one you usually use for speed to result. If neither, go for MixItUp!

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