More Redactor items?

Is there a way to add a customizable CTA button (font, colour, size, shape/edges) in the Redactor so clients can use it? To generalise, can one populate the Redactor with more items needed by the client for content creation?

Redactor can be extended with plug-ins to add extra functionality. The Clips plug-in could help you as it allow you to define commonly used code blocks that can then be inserted by your client.

It is quite limited in the way that it works and doesn’t offer a UI for your client to adjust settings but if they are OK inserting a boilerplate block of code and then editing it using the code editor then you could be OK.

To add any new plugins you’ll need to add the plug in to;

admin > js > redactor

and edit the default redactor_options.js file to load the plug-in.

As an alternative you can create a Pulse plug-in and map the client adjustable options to attributes in the shortcode;


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Thank you Tim for your advices. You participation in the Community is amazing.

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No problem Dan. Let us know what you decide to do.

You may want to check my “read more” plugin for redactor, i made it today so i don’t have to write the special tag in PulseCMS.

Yes thanks for that @bet0x

Pulse classic (v3) had a similar plug-in installed by default but I don’t think it ever made its way to Pulse 4.

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