Move Installation from Subfolder to Root?

How can I move the whole installation from a subfolder (/pulsecms) to the root? I just change the path in .htaccess and config? Should that work or is there anything else I have to do?

Is that correc?t:

'/pulsecms' to ''

In such a case I do not move the files to the root directory but change the root path at the hoster. As far as I know, most hosters can do this in a simple way. Otherwise via a redirect 301 script in .htaccess.

What I have done a few times is just install another instance of Pulse in the root folder, and then copy/move my Pulse "content" and "template" folders to the new root install

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Thank you Raimo, this worked now. I tried it that way before with an older version and had only problems.

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