Moving Blocks From Pulse 3 to Pulse 4

Can I duplicate then move one copy of a block file such as “example.html” from Pulse 3.5.7 data —> blocks to the Pulse 4.5.2 content–>blocks folder and have the block that worked in 3.5.7 work in 4.5.2? I think I have to rename the file “example.txt” for it to work in Pulse 4.5.2.

Is there trouble down the road by moving blocks from 3.5.7 to 4.5.2 this way? Is there a better/wiser approach?

I’ve never migrated a Pulse site this way - can anyone else who has experience migrating share any input?!

Yes Pulse 4 requires “.txt” files and you can read more about how to do more in the docs:

Anymore specific questions, then please just get in touch or drop a note on here :slight_smile:

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