Moving site from local to host

Rebuilt a site with the latest version of Pulse and when I move my site from my local MAMP server to live the server on BlueHost the site is not displaying the pages. I can login to the admin and see all my pages, blocks etc. I have checked the php requirments and the .htaccess file seems to be ok unless I have to change the rewrite rule for BlueHost. Strangely I had an old Pulse v3 install on this server with the previous site and that worked fine.

It looks like it is a Bluehost issue - I have just installed the site on a different server at a different host and it works perfectly.


try adding this in the htaccess:

RewriteBase /

It might help for Bluehost.

Thanks :wink:

I tried the RewriteBase / as my first option but that did not work. Changed the version of php to v5.4 and that worked. The Pulse docs recommends v5.3 as the minimum. When I checked the hosts version with reqs.php it returned a version of 5.3 so I thought it will be ok. Php v5.6 is the newest they offer. I really do not like BH but every now and then I have a client that hosts with them and it always requires a tweak or two.


What did the diagnostics show @marcel?

If problems persist, check the built-in Pulse Diagnostics Tool by going to to see if the system requirements match, session handling is on, permissions are set correctly and so on.

PHP 5.6 is also fine :slight_smile:

Can you let me have access or ask BH to check why it’s not compatible.
If we can find a solution then we can add a note for others on BH for a quicker setup.
Agree BH does often require tweaks for any package, I’ve used it for clients before also.

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