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hi guys,

i first started with pulse about 2-3 years ago. at some point i realized i needed more thant one blog functionality for my portfolio, so i duplicated the funtionality of the blog module and made a references module. everything works perfectly
in the front and in the backend.

(haven't implemented localizer yet..I also deactivated the headline links in "references" since the content of each project is really short)

a few weeks ago my girlfriend wanted to start with her website. in her case she needed this module 3 times thou! so at the end she decided to leave it like that and make pages and blocks for every project, which of course is a lot of work, when you suddenly have to make an overall change.

do you think it would be possible to do the following?
_blog stays as it is
_the user can add aditional "blogs" or lets call them category groups maybe, since these dont have RSS or anything.
_in the backend a new folder with the name of the group is created (just like blog).

i think this would be great for people like us who work with redundant structures and sometimes need more than one.

Great site @squareclouds-design and should be in the showcase!

Yes multiple blogs is something we’re considering for the next version (5) and hopefully it will appear in there. There are cases when people want more than 1 blog on a site or sub-blogs.

In the meantime, in the case of your girlfriend, can you make a third as you duplicated for a second? Using the same techniques?

Or as much as possible, make repeat block elements and sub templates for the different pages using {{template:alternate}} and reference the parts which are repeatable that way?

This is really interesting and wonder if anyone else has done anything similar?

thanks for your reply! well, she actually went through with it and made pages for all 3 reference-pages (the projects are listed here) and a page for each project. at the end she realized the 1 hour i would have needed to make the extra tag elements would have been better but oh well :slight_smile:

looking forward for pulse 5!

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btw this is her website:

sadly german only as well ^^

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OK great stuff and that’s a really nice one :slight_smile:

Multiple blogs on the same site exists as of Pulse5 ~