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Hi there, just a beginner question. I have a very basic personal website. And want to publish my holidays and other info in Blog style pages. The big advantage is to be able to edit my Blog with any device because I don’t
have my 27" iMac with me :slight_smile:

I’ve created a second blog on my site… I’m doing something wrong with the second blog. There ist a problem with the link of the entries. I don’t know what and where I have to enter the right infos to get the right link.
This is the try of the second Blog.
Test for second blog

Hope you have an input for me
Thanks Peter

2 blogs in one RapidWeaver project doesn’t work currently.

Only the main blog supported so far.

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In the manual you have this:
Sub-blogs allow you to show more than one blog on a website. Please note that using the blog-show tag is a more simplified blog showin all items listed without pagination.

Maybe there is a a workaround as it is “private” only.

I am referring to the RapidWeaver Integration.

Having more than one on a pure Pulse site will work.

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Sorry didn’t read the RW part…
Will it be supported sometimes or are there RW issues?

I hope so. The additional blogs work a bit different than the default blog.

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You can’t have multiple blogs with Rapidweaver & Pulse? Going to have to update my post on the Rapidweaver forum…

As always, do as you think it is best. We are working on that.

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As @instacks mentioned above:

Yes that’s true with the RW integration; but it still works in Pulse vanilla. RW is just one way to skin the yak as many others use Pulse in other ways (hand coded, Pulse Builder, Blocs app, etc).

But it will come soon for RW :pray:

The RW Stacks integration is also working with RapidWeaver 8 :heart_eyes:

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