Multisite Functionality with Pulse CMS


I am wondering whether I can create a network just like wordpress multisite does with the same functionality. I would like the users sign-up for their websites on a subdomain and have and design their websites using Pulse CMS. Does Pulse CMS offer such kind of functionality?

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Thanks @serkankaya and this is a great idea… but at the moment this functionality doesn’t exist. Each Pulse is self contained so you’ll have to manually install each site. But it’s something we are thinking about so thanks for the comment :slight_smile:

Coincidentally, Pulse Cloud will be available in full-swing very soon and you can order as many sites as you want and manage them from a dashboard. So this could be what you are talking about. It will be reasonable cost so would allow you to make a profit per site per month when billing your clients for each site. Let me know if that is what you had in mind :wink:

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