My thoughts on Pulse 4 vs Pulse 5

Hi all-
These are my unstructured thoughts on Pulse 4. I had a chance recently to try out the old Pulse 4.
At first, I thought: Wow, this is missing so many key features! No navigation tools, no 2 factor authentication, no user management...
But then, I saw the beautiful old Pulse 4 default template. I realized how dead simple it was to create something nice... Pulse 4 was very focused on doing a small number of things very well.

I think we're going to head back in that direction of simplicity. The first action is, I think we need to move from JSON to something more human readable like TOML. Ex:
TOML is easily readable/editable:

blog_title="My blog title"
blog_meta="The blog page meta description."

Rather than:

  "blog_title":"My blog title", "blog_meta":"The blog page meta description."

We will maintain reverse compatibility, of course.

We need something that feels light but still maintains the power of Pulse5.. The PulseCMS team is on it, but it will take time.

Please share any inputs you've got.

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I was actually updating an old Pulse 4 - Rapidweaver site yesterday, and Pulse 4 did pretty much everything I needed. The one Pulse 5 thing I really like is the better layout of Blocks and and Pages in the Dashboard, and the "on-page" editor in Pulse 5 is a must-keep. But everything else that was added, seems to have limited use, at least in my use case.
I just want to be able to create easily editable pages for my clients, and have a quality blog capability. My only real wish is that adding new pages and adding menu items were easier for the end user (the client).

I agree 100% @Raimo.
We are not eliminating any features, especially the ones you mentioned. Its more like we are focusing on fixing the core ones, and simplify the interface. There's a lot of UX work in the pipeline.

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