Navigation does not work

I installed fresh versions of 5.3.9 respectively 5.3.10 in the root of my web server. Nothing else there.

PHP is 7.2

5.3.9 default template - navigation does not work; when clicking on menu point I'm getting a 404 error for all pages

5.3.10 all templates - no navigation bar at all

Thanks for advice


Hi @Juergen, thanks for notifying us about the issue. We'll definitely look into it and work on a solution as soon as possible.

The navigation manager has 2 navigation ("pending" and "all").
Move the links from the "pending" section to the "all" section.

Ok, that's it to activate the menu items, thanks :wink: . However, the 404 / not found issue still remains.

This is often a mistake:
you do not have permission, override mode. (server or .htaccess file).
also set the file - .htaccess.
Incorrect server address (https or http).
check where the link goes, e.g. "".

Ok, I'll checked the htaccess file... could have done that before. When updating from PHP 7.2. to 7.3 this file was obviously overwritten by the web server.

I changed it manually and it seems to work now.

Thanks for all the hints,


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