Navigation problem in 5.3.5


hi guys,

after finishing my page with 5.3.3 (with the map-tag bug) since i decided not to use 5.3.4 cuz it had some blog bugs, i now have to make another page and i wanted to use 5.3.5. i am having problems with the navigation though. i cannot change anything in the admin area. if i delete pages, the navigation updates, but if i want to deactivate items or create new items it does not save. all other admin settings are saved when changing them (like language or default template, etc), so i dont think this is a rights problem. if i change the json "by hand" the front end updates the menu items, for example i left only 3, but in the admin area still many pages are showing. someone having trouble like this? i didnt have problems with my website running 5.3.3.

EDIT: almost forgot – i am using a test subdomain ("") so i changed the htaccess to stop the https riderect, since the subdomain does not have SSL. not sure if this is important or not for the navigation functionality

thanks & cheers

PS: i kinda get a feeling posts arent being answered for a good while now :-/