Navigation pulse 5.4.1

I installed the newest pulse, with a view tweaks I got it working. Only the navigation in the admin I can’t delete anything, there is no save button on the page. So when I refresh the deleted item re-appears. Very annoying. Help appreciated.

Hi, I will take a look at this and will get back to you shortly with a response. Thank you.

@Bvdn can you possibly share a few screenshots of the issue? Also, what version of PulseCMS are you running, and which version of PHP?

Hi, cant reproduce, because I 'killed' the installation. I know I switched the php 7.4 - 8.0/ 8 and back again, but that gave only more trouble. Question: I want to build with php 8.1. What should I do? Found a beta: can I use that one? I can built in 5.3.12 but can I switch / update later with no mayor problems? Or should I wait for an stable installation < can you tell me when thats expected? > Cheers and thanx in advance for your reaction. G

Tried the beta version with php 8.0. I still can’t delete the navigation items see attachement.

F.e. if I delete (with the bin) the blog page, it disapeares and then I hit save, I have to hit save twice. Then reload the page the blog page is still in the navigation. In the other bottom navigation I can’t delete anything the items only switch places.

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Hi @Bvdn we are working on a fix for this. Thank you.