Neat Grid Gallery customisation

Hi there Ezio and friends.
I am working on a new site here:

and on the gallery page I have deployed the excellent Neat Grid Gallery.
I have added anchor tags to the captions so that you click on that to go to the relevant gallery but what I am really after is making the whole image a link. This would be especially useful when viewing the site on phones and tablets.
Is there a way to do this?


Visit the website
This gallery corresponding to your expectations?

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Thanks for the share @IvaRo

@jdloudon in Pulse 5 there is a new gallery tag called “thumbs”, e.g. {{thumbs:gallery1}}

This allows you to build image thumbnails that link to anywhere - e.g. sub pages that have full Lightbox galleries on. That might be good for what you are looking for.

You can download that from your dashboard today and start playing :slight_smile:

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Hi James (@jdloudon),

thanks for appreciating my plugin.
Long time ago I told you that I have a premium Neat-Grid plugin that do what you ask. Never tested for lack of time.
Do you want to try this plugin? Not sure but I think it works.
Give me an email address I will send the files.


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Ezio, thanks, good to hear from you.
Yes I would like to try it. I thought we had a conversation about something like this in the past.
I wish there was more interest from other people too as I have no problem at all paying for useful code. I dont expect people to work for free :slight_smile:Cheers

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Good on you @jdloudon! I’m sure it will work well and please report back in here with your updated example for others to see then @Tarqez can then put this to sale in the addons section!

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