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As @palej alluded to here, we are actively working on this project. As for the addons, we have decided to remove them for now and contact the developers to provide an update to ensure that they will work flawlessly with the current version of Pulse.

We've removed the add ons section temporarily and now redirecting to this:

Reason is that most addons were not Pulse5 compatible (including themes)

Here's some notes on how to build plugins - they should be the same as 4 but might need a few tweaks.


If you are looking to build an add-on, then please follow that and submit it to us and we will post it there (for free or for your own profit).

We already have a few good ones already available to the community that ship with Pulse as optional apps (Forms, Web builder, E-Commerce) and Pulse comes with many tags already (Blog, Stripe checkout, Newsletter signup etc)

But, what plugins are you hoping to see? Any new integrations? What add-on is needed - big or small?

I'll start with some things that might be good:

  • Integration with Pinegrow
  • Hosted Pulse sites that are launched with 1-click
  • Selling digital files (not just physical products) like vides and audio
  • Maybe a chat widget would be cool too

Let us know what you think and what ideas you have (or plans in the pipeline!)

You can get to this page in the footer of the main site, under "works with" and also in your Pulse account dashboard.

Nearly every addon not accessible

Quick Poll: what things would be cool as Pulse addons

(for other, just post below your ideas :slight_smile: )

  • Integration with another app
  • Hosted Pulse sites with 1-click
  • Selling Digital Files
  • Chat Widget
  • Members sites
  • Other

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I vote for "other".

No integration from the other side.
No foreign forms.
No integration of other applications.
Experience has shown built-in "false, bad" codes.

High-quality creation and editing of JSON files as a basis for the extension of stands for galleries, calendars, overviews of the economy - malt - stock - actions and many other records.

Building forms that take payments

I chose "other"

  • How about better "photo galleries" and "light boxes" something that the end user/client would have some control over which effects and layouts are used, or maybe a plugin that allows easier use of services like Cloudinary or Shortpixel.
  • Or "SEO tools" along the lines of Yoast, or "Google Site Kit" or even just a better dashboard to point out missing elements on the website
  • Or "Styling Tools" something you could wrap a around a Pulse Tag and give the end user better control over things like margins, padding, text styling, hide/show the block, etc.
  • Or "Security Tools" giving better control over spam, malicious code, login attempts, etc.


For me also: "other". Exactly everything as @Raimo said... :slight_smile:


I would like to see an option in Settings where you could elect to use PHP inside the $parsedown section of the pulsecore.

I am not a serious coder to understand the logic of why things like <?php echo $Company; ?> is now not usable.

I have used in the past in version 4 sites a single file, included in the index.php, that set up a whole site set of "global variables" (see below). Then within pages, blocks, etc. I used the php echo to insert those variables as and when needed.

Security has been cited as the reason for why now php code interpreting has been removed.

Recently I tried to use a javascript method to achieve the same affect, it worked, but it was so messy in comparison. I have also tried the same using tags, but again - the time spent doing this - I might as well have typed in those variable in full instead of using a global to place my info.

Hopefully the above makes sense. Maybe coders in the forum can suggest a way of making a "tag" where a large list of Global variables could be stored and then be recalled as needed. The tags output would need to be able to concatenate variables and accept html coding like <br> as well.

$Company = "Pulse";
$CompanyAddress = "123 Straight St";
$CompanyCity = "Yabba";


Hi everybody, the poll for new Pulse-Addons has probably gone past me :thinking:... you should probably not go on vacation :sunglasses:.

After some customer requests, I also have a request:
Earlier, in Pulse 3.x you could write a comment under a blog post. In Pulse 4.x this was replaced by Discus, but my clients do not want Discus. In addition, with the privacy rules (at least in Europe) it is becoming increasingly difficult not to get into the law. So I have at least a small feedback site tinkered, in which visitors can leave a comment anonymous and without registration (
Whenever a visitor writes something to a form, I create a new DayMonthYearsMinutesseconds.txt file in a folder. If someone writes nonsense, I can simply delete the file or write my answer in this file.
So I could well imagine a kind of comments / rating for individual blog posts and / or a guestbook / feedback.
It would be nice if Pulse also weitzerhin WITHOUT cookies would get along.

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