New Beta Release and News - PulseCMS 5.4.1b01

Hi everyone,

PulseCMS 5.4.1b01 is now available for download from your dashboard. You must go to the Old Versions section to find the link, or find the beta download link. Note that to try PulseCMS Slim, you need to use the archives download link. PulseCMS Slim is the same as PulseCMS, but uses public CDNs to reduce the number of files needed and eliminates uncommon scripts such as FontAwesome.

Build Strategy Update
Our new strategy for version releases is to allow early access, so all users can test it. In many cases, these are well-tested versions for existing functionality and safe to try.

The philosophy behind this is that there are 2 types of features:

  • Simple fixes, improvements or small features which any existing site can benefit from.
  • Large new features that are pretty tough to get perfect.

However, most existing users are hungry for the small patches and features, and do not want to wait until the big features are released.

Updates in this Build

  • Fix for install.php which makes it more secure for users who have certain weaker security configurations.
  • Minor updates to make PulseCMS work better with PHP8.
  • All updates from 5.4.0 beta, see: Pulse CMS v5.4.0 Beta 2 Released 💖

Excellent thanks. Good to see you back.

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