New Release: 5.3.5


Following on from last week's update (New Release: 5.3.4) we now have version 5.3.5! Just in time for summer :surfing_woman:

Some of the highlights definitely include:

  • Tick boxes to make pages and blocks go live or in draft mode for much better usability
  • Visual Sitemap tag for contents pages
  • Videos and Audio in Media now appear as embed pages without autoplaying

Also it's worth noting that Blog URLs from 5.3.3 are now switched on as default.

Here's the complete list run-down of updates:

Pulse 5.3.5


  • Videos and Audio in Media now appear as embed pages without autoplaying
    Work started on 5.3.3
  • New Visual Sitemap tag so you can have a list of all pages for accessibility or if you want a visual sitemap for your pages (like a contents page of a book)
    {{page-list}} will trigger this
  • Tick boxes to make pages and blocks go live or in draft mode for much better usability. Thanks to @ezchile for this idea
    Work started on 5.3.3
    (Blog posts already have a date set feature for this)


  • Navigation menu builder has had some improvements.The entries appear with the mouse over and the menu uses the first entry for the link target of the menu name.
    Suggestions for 5.3.2
  • Blog URLs from 5.3.3 now switched on as default!


Thanks for all the feedback and keep on Pulsing! :zap::raised_hands:

Take care and have a good summer :palm_tree: (and make some websites! :computer:)

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Work started on 5.3.3
Suggestions for 5.3.2

Hi Michael
Thanks for update 5.3.5.
Can you please check out page "Preview" button in Admin ?
It appears that an additional path "/page/" is being added producing a 404 error when preview page is requested!


Thanks @AceTutor - is this a Pulse only site or a RapidWeaver integration?

Please see a new beta setting in the Admin > Settings "Integrate RapidWeaver" and select / deselect this option.

Try the preview on both of these and let me know if that fixes the issue for you.



Thanks for your comments. Regrettably, toggling the Integrate RapidWeaver integration button has no effect.

Initially I discovered this upon a fresh install in a subdirectory on my localhost server. Once discovered I reconfigured my system and re-installed v5.3.5 in a root directory. Again the problem existed - hence my prompt report questioning what may have changed!

Since reading your comment about RapidWeaver I have revisited my localhost environment, toggled the selection and observed no change - the addition of /page/ persists on the PREVIEW button.

I have also uploaded to a live server and noticed the same occurs!

Go to to see the results yourself. It is a fresh install without any changes being made.

To any other forum members reading this thread - I will be removing this install once Michael has seen what is happening.
( Note: Environment PHP Version 5.6.40 )


Another surprise discovered! Please also check out the ACCOUNT / PREVIEW button in the Admin section. It simply starts a new tab with you still in the Admin section!
Now to see if I can work out what's wrong!

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