Newbie struggling with admin.php

hi all, i have now splashed the cash and got PulseCMS and a rapidweaver project that was already to go, i have it installed and it seems to be working ok.
I have watched a few of the Videos that do give a lot of help, but i seem to be completely stuck on the admin.php page.
it doesnt look right and consequently it doesnt work right either !!!
as you can see it doesnt function like it should do ?

any ideas please anyone, or should i try a different route to CMS ?


Hello, @toe_rag

Change ( config.php ) in pulse folder your host

$path = ‘/pulse’; // If installed in root, leave blank. If in “subfolder”, use “/subfolder”
$admin = ‘/pulse/admin’; // Admin folder name
$admin = ‘pulse/admin’; // Admin folder name

Good luck

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Awe Gee Whiz fella that did the trick perfectly, it only worked without the leading backslash :slight_smile:

You are my hero fella


@ArmendHajdari hi buddy, i had a few hiccups today, which was mainly caused by a spurious Space in front on the password .

But it is now up ad running perfectly at
using the Tesla and Rapidweaver :slight_smile:


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Great work Tim! And thanks @ArmendHajdari for helping him out

Good work!

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