Newsletter signup operation and notifications

So this is a simple question: How does the newsletter signup tag work? Does it simply send an email to the website owner (the email entered in the settings)? Or is there a list made somewhere?

Second question or thought. The site-owner wants people to be able to signup to be notified when there’s a new blog post. What’s the best way to accomplish that?

Yes - there is a list made on the dashboard for the site owner, under the Blocks


e.g. added an email address sign up:

Couple of ideas:

  • Ask them to follow the Blog RSS
  • Put the Blog RSS into feed burner and this also has an email signup and will send notifications when a new blog post is pushed
  • Put the RSS feed into Mailchimp and send out notifications when there’s a new post (add the signup box on the Blog side bar with the MailChimp tag and sync with your list that way)

So when I put the url into feed burner it says that the url doesn’t have a valid xml file.
Not sure what I need to do to fix that.

blog is here:

This is your RSS feed:

Did you try that?

No, I did’t have the /rss on it. Didn’t know I needed it. I got it working. But I like the MailChimp option and I’m waiting on the client to get a MailChimp account setup so I can get that all set up for her.
Thanks so much for the help.

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