No back button on blog demo posts

Hi All,

First time poster here - please be gentle. :slight_smile:

I’ve just installed 4.7 with @instacks brilliant Pulse stacks for RW and I’m not seeing the ‘back’ button on the demo blog posts.

I’ve noticed the code is different in my Demo blog post than the code in the same Demo blog post on the Pulse Site Demo. On my site the Div for the blog is missing as well as the <button onclick=. (snip).

Here’s the code from the Pulse Demo Site:

and here’s the code from the same Demo blog post on my site:

Any insight about how to sort this would be most appreciated! :sweat:

edit: Sorted my initial problem so deleted it, but still can’t figure this one out.

Hi, do you have a link to that website showing the problem?

Hi Jannis,

Yes. [link deleted as the url has changed.]

I’ve got a pagesafe stack on it to keep google from indexing it. The PW is ****.


Jannis, I’ve also noticed that the images I’ve posted are not responsive in both the blog list page and blog post page. Am i doing something wrong?


Example links please. Thanks.

Sending you a PM. Thanks!

the correct display of photos in a responsive way is always job of the used theme, either if Pulse is used in RW or for it’s own.
As your theme does not support responsive photos, please add following side wide code, which will handle that for you:

    max-width: 100%;
    height: auto;

That did indeed fix the problem and now the images are responsive.

Thanks so much Jannis! :+1:

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Back button is now there in version update 1.1.4 of Pulse CMS Stacks: