No login after install - sessions problem

I use 5.3.9 on severals sites without any major problems.
Trying to install Pulse 5.3.9 on another server results in following problems:

  • installation process shows 'hosting does not support sessions' (see screenshot)
  • login page refreshes without being able to login

However, when checking php-info PHP shows that sessions are enabled (

Hosting company is unable to support.
Any hint what causes this problem?



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Remove script phpinfo.php (sites may strike threatened).

where do you want to install Pulse?
According to the attached picture, the installation is in the root directory.
(Path Name: "")

In the root directory, you have Wordpress installed!

Script removed... thanks

Actually I wanted to install Pulse in a sub directory, but installation process has to be run twice in order to do so (see screenshot).

Still, the issue remains.

Introduction = I don't know Wordpress.
Find (edit) the .htaccess file in the root directory.
Check the .htaccess file in the Pulse directory and edit the paths.
Q - What does the tmp file contain?
Wordpress, do you need files from the "tmp" folder?

I don't know if Pulse 5.3.9 supports installation in a subfolder.
I had a problem installing "localhost/pulse539".
Installation of "localhost/pulse 5310" is successful.
Try using the older version (5.3.2) and then upgrade.

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