Not able to safe changes

Hi puls community, i just bought a version of Pulse to give it a try, but stuckt,
my facts:
apache server
PHP version 5.4.45
I uploaded the pulse files in the root of my domain
on the server I changed the sample.htaccess into .htacces
on the server I changed in the config.php my pasword, and added my serial
I checked the folders, they are 755 permission and the files are 644 as required
I go to my domain, and the pulse site is there
I go to to login with my new pasword
I go to work.txt and change a text in a new text, and then press safe
but its NOT saved, is there any other settings???

Thanks @sandy and sorry to hear this

I would recommend going to to see if any other clues are given

More troubleshooting can be found here:

Please send me an email with your URL and can take a look from the other side :wink:

Looks like updating server to PHP 5.6 fixed this for you! Great to hear it :slight_smile: