Offline pulsecms and site search


I plan to use pulsecms for some internal note taking and information. As I get time I am exploring pulsecms, so, I am not really conversant with how things work or what can be done, perhaps, I have just missed something obvious, but,

How can I search my site? I used another database driven script before, and, i almost exclusively use this feature…as it is like my note book.

Can this be done in pulsecms?

I noticed a google search thing, but, these instances will be offline and I really would not want the content google searchable anyway.

I did not find other people asking this in the forums (when doing a search here)

So, any input or suggestions will be appreciated. I imagine it being a flat, text based system, maybe it is not possible to have a search facility?

Thanks in advanced.

hmmm i guess it should be possible in some way considering dokuwiki is also flat file. is it possible to use the method they used some way from there? but then again…maybe pulsecms can search :slight_smile:

Great idea @clpulsetech - unfortunately search is not built into Pulse as yet but sometime we’re looking at and want.

The Google search is good but real built-in search would be much cleaner and more powerful.

Keep in touch on this!

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Search is now inside Pulse

Fixed in 5.0.2! :smiley::+1: