OGP and Featured Image Not Working In New Install

I've been working on a new install of my Pulse blog in MAMP in the hope of replacing my messed up blog on my server with a working version. Unfortunately, I keep hitting new road blocks.

My biggest issues are that the featured image only shows up on the main blog page, but not on the actual blog post, and the open graph meta data only shows up on the main blog page, but not on the blog post. So once again, social sharing would not work.

I'm using MAMP version 4.5 with Pulse 5.3.12.

Some of the other issues are that the blog content order I have setup is being ignored, I want the author and date to appear after the featured image, but on the main blog page they are before the featured image.

I've been working on this for a while, and really would like to get this new setup completed so I can have a working blog on my live site again.

There did seem to be no support with some of the templates and the blog image when it is inside the blog page itself. We are fixing this for the next version.

Since you are accustomed to Pulse4, did you try using Pulse4? You can get it from the download page.

We plan to have a more robust way to lay out blog pages. I will private message you with details.

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