Pages not displaying that contain embed tags

A site I am developing runs fine locally but now that I have uploaded files to server it seems any page containing an ‘embed tag’ ie {{gal:test}} will prevent page content being served.
Viewing source code shows html stops abruptly after nav. A test page without embed tag in content will display correctly.

I’ve tried uncommenting RewriteBase / in .htaccess and site meets all system requirements

All admin functions work fine and problem still present with newly created pages.

I’m stumped - any suggestions?

Many thanks - asides from this issue, Pulse is a pleasure to work with.

Problem resoled!

Was getting: ob_end_clean(): failed to delete buffer. No buffer to delete… error. Maybe because of empty line in home page content I’m not sure. To fix this replaced line 36 index.php:



if (ob_get_contents()) ob_end_clean();

The function mb_strlen() is not enabled by default in PHP and was not on my system. Enabling this resolved second error.

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Great to hear @harvey!

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