Password change Pulse CMS 4.5.2


I'm brand new to Pulse and I'm having hard time finding out where to change the admin password...???

Im logged in at domain/admin
and see the following:

but nowhere do I see the option to change the admin password.

I would appreciate some guidance.

thanks you

Hello @kulisa, you can open the config.php file with a text editor and change the password from there. However, once you upgrade to Pulse 5, you can change the password from the General tab which can be found in Account>Settings.

Please let me know if it helps! :grin:



Palej, many thanks for your reply.
I'm having difficulties locating the config txt file delpite having gone through all the Block, blogs, pages media etc files.
I'm prepare to update but the pulse zip is not loading for me so if you could kindly guide me where to locate the config file, I would greatly appreciate it

You can open the config.php file from the server if you have an access to it.

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Thanks for helping there @palej

Here is a video showing where the config file is @kulisa in Pulse4:

With Pulse 5 it's much easier and from inside the Settings with a drop down option in the UI

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