PDF Files in Sub Folders not visible

I read something has improved with PDF uploads since 5.3.9.

But when I upload a pdf to a Media sub folder it's not visible in the interface, although physically there (visible in FTP)

I also can not "Choose" any files from the Block Editor. Uploaded there the pdfs end up in the main Media folder. Can't this be changed?


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Good find @Burnhard - I think the issue is they are appearing in the admin selector under "images" but not "file" where they should be. So the editor is treating them like an image.

I just uploaded a PDF of this forum thread as a test:

We will fix this in the next update to appearing in the File add menu

Hey @Burnhard this should be fixed in our 5.3.10 update which is on its way and will be released soon :slight_smile:

Looks good in our testing as we're getting ready to release the update.
Thank you for your patience! :slight_smile: