Plan Upgrade from Personal to Designer Licence


I have tried the demo and would like to try this out on my hosting server and also it would be nice to install the tags in an existing design so I can try out editing some blocks.

If I purchase the $97 for the personal license and like everything I will want to upgrade to the Designers license. If so, can I do that as an upgrade for $200 rather than paying the whole $297 since the personal license will not be needed anymore?


You should write an email to Michael Frankland. My guess is that this should be possible.


Thanks @mPalma - as we discussed yes that's possible :slight_smile:
No problem.

That personal license is not only for people with 1 site, but also people who just want to try it and see how it goes before going all in.


Good to know. I am going to try and purchase a copy today if I get time.



Great to have you onboard @mPalma!

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