Please fix login to Dashboard

For some reason I can no longer access the dashboard even though I renewed my access on 3rd January. I did have access for a few days and now it has gone back to the message asking me to renew again. The payment definitely went through via Paypal.

I would be grateful if you could restore my access to the dashboard. I don’t seem to be able to DM you so this is my only way of contacting you.

Thanks in advance


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Thanks @antech and this is the correct support channel as mentioned on

Unfortunately PayPal IPN sometimes goes haywire. We try to monitor it as much as possible and usually it’s fine but apologies that this happened to you.

We’ve just checked and you should have access today (if not, log out and login again) and thanks for letting us know.

PS - and also extended by a few weeks to cover the missed time :slight_smile:

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