Possible double payment by mistake? Fixed :)

hi guys,

so, my problem: in december i was charged via paypal for a whole new year pulse (yuzool pulseis the stated name). today i got an email (same email address) that my credit card will be charged in february, when my membership gets extended.... so i am really confused. i started a thread a few weeks ago about the possibility of having all past invoices in one place for us to download for tax purposes. i have been using the system for 4-5 years now and am not so happy with this invoice and membership stuff not being transparent enough in the members area, specially when things like this happen.

michael (or team) please contact me about this. my membership email address is


thanks and best

Thanks Santiago

To be honest PayPal gives us quite a few problems so moving forward all new signups are Stripe only.

That said I've checked your account and you won't be charged again until December. The rule of thumb with PayPal sign ups is to check your PayPal account and subscriptions and can cancel / manage from there anytime.

Yes to invoices, but again that's more likely only for Stripe as PayPal doesn't have a good enough API to integrate this I'm afraid :frowning:
Thanks for the suggestion!