Possible to remove /blog-12 from /blog-12-title-post?

Just wondering, I had an idea of turning the blog-function (pulse3) on my own site into a portfolio, changed the css of the .read-more into a nice layer on top of the image, and it looks very nice and I think its very practical, but how to accomplish this…

I will have to change the .htacces and the href in blog-lib but two attempts resulted in ending up in my 404 page…
(it would be perfect to have more than one of those functions on one site…)

Great idea :slight_smile: I thought the same sometimes…

Noted :slight_smile:
But for now yes needs change on config.php and htaccess page

$url_prefix = 'blog'; // blog-1-post-title, if changed also edit htaccess

:sob: not in pulse3…but, I just made progress, I was able to change blog- to site- in blog-lib en took the numbering out, and success, I can live with that.
If I take out the site- in htaccess the whole site goes down…hmmmm
RewriteRule ^site-([^-]*)+? portfolio.php?d=$1 [L]

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Great! Glad you found a solution :wink:

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