Problem in microsoft edge -font


I have trouble getting my font to work with the letter: å

It workes fine in every browser and every other site in microsoft edge. It is just this specific site that has the problem with å
(cant post the link, dont know why)

If you go around on the other links it works fine.

Somebody know a fix to this?


Try to use


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That may work but it must be a possible fix without editing every letter? :confused:

That is a browser encoding problem.

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But if u check every other page in the site, it works. That is what is so strange

That page seems to be working on Mac (Chrome/safari/FF) - I don’t have Microsoft browser to test, sorry.

It seems a browser specific bug and not Pulse related - could try searching for other similar bugs in the browser?

Try typing in without pasting? How was the letter on that page done different to other pages?

Replacing every å after the copy paste it worked. I guess I got the text differently than the others on that page, so the copying was different.

Thankyou for the help!