Problem with publishing local mamp site on server

Hi I get a 'cannot be opened because too many redirects occurred. This problem can arise if you open a page that contains a link to another page that refers back to the original page’
I try to publish the website - I made locally in mamp on the server.
What can be the issue?

I just transferred the complete site from local folder using ftp on the server of the website.

Thanx in advance for your reaction,

Uploading localhost files to the server may not work properly, you will need to override web, template, and content settings.

Prepare a clean Pulse CMS as follows:

  • Edit or copy the folders with template and content.
  • Check that the links are set up correctly.

Edit and update settings:

  • .htaccess (line 10 and 11)
  • config.php
  • pulsecore/storage/config.json

Upload to the server and run the install.

After the installation and setup is complete, compare and edit the files:

  • config.php
  • pulsecore/wedge/config.php.

These files can be set according to:
= pulsecore/storage/config.json

Back up these 3 files via ftp.
This is your site settings.

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Hi IvaRo, < best wishes > and thanx for your response

You pointed me the right direction!
I removed line 10 and 11 and its working.
Not sure what the reason is… ( ssl? )

Email me a link to the page.
Email is in my profile.

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