Problem with server connection

Hi there... This is my first try here...

i have problems with a customers website i did with pulse a few years ago.

I do not know what i changed but i get this message now if i want to press the "search server" button (in german it reads: Server durchsuchen) for adding a new image:

Not Found
The requested URL was not found on this server.

Has anyone got an idea?

I am using the Pulse instalation from 2011 when i first installed it.
Is there a possibility to change the installation to the newest version without killing all the old content?


Hey, @ricokoch do you happen to have some logs that might say something about this error?

To upgrade to the newest version, kindly make a backup of your current site. Then, you have to create your template file then the Blocks should still appear in the site as long as you add the Blocks tags to the pages in the same place.

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