Problems resolving Paths

I just started a Pulse CMS 5, but my Bowser is not able to resolve the paths of the pages.
When I click on a link to get to any page Igel something like that:<?php%20echo%20$path;%20?>/about

How can I solve this?

It looks like a corrupted sb_nav.txt file.
Redactor overwrites commands php.

  • sb_nav
  • Set navigation in settings
  • Set the theme to default
  • Set each page to show in the theme
  • check the completeness of the recorded files on the server
    The page is displayed on the screen, the handwritten “work” and the like
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Seems to be working @berbos :slight_smile:
I just looked at your demo and clicked “about”:

To correct paths just make sure to run the installer :slight_smile:

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Fixed in 5.0.2! :smiley::+1: