Problems with localizer

I did not get the localizer built into 5.0.3 to run.
What I do is creating a page (called Kontakt) with the following entry:


After that, I created 2 blocks inside the folder contact
* adresse-de
* adresse-en

When I try to open the URL http://localhost/Kontakt?locale=de

I just get this:

(!!☠ block ☠!!)

Any ideas, what’s wrong?

Remove block: from the Localizer tag.

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Thanks Jannis, now the block shows up.

Just for understanding, the navigation did not work with localizer right? I have to use superblocks?

Check sb_localizer with a sb_nav.txt

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Like this: {{sb_localizer:sb_nav}} ?

Localizer Tag
Use links like <a href="?locale=de">Deutsch</a> to change the language
as “blockname-ja”, “blockname-en”, “blockname-de” - depending on the
There is also a {{sb_localizer}} tag which works like {{sb_blocks}}

This is everything I can find inside the Pulse Manual


Standard blocks are no problem anymore but I don’t get the navigation to run.

I have created 2 blocks called sb_nav-de and sb_nav-en

Now I try to include them into my layout.php with the following tag: {{sb_localizer:sb_nav}}

That did not work, what I am doing wrong, what is the right way for a multilanguage navigation?

First of all, in your constellation it should be sb_nav.txt as fallback (=English) and sb_nav-de.txt, not sb_nav-en.txt only.

I tested sb_localizer successfully inside normal content like a page. If it isn’t working in layout.php, @pulsecms has to check.

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You’re right, it looks like the tag doesn’t work in layout.php.

I just added the tag to a page and it works here.

This is of course unfavorable for me, because navigation usually comes before the content loop.

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Michael will know :wink: hopefully…

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Okay, I tested it again. Not only the sb_localizer tag does not work in the layout.php but also the normal localizer tag.

That would be good to implement. :wink:

What about normal {{block}} tags. Does these work in layout.php ?

Yes, normal block tags works inside the layout.php.

Let’s track it here:

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Fixed for 5.1 by @instacks :slight_smile: Great :star_struck: