Pulse 4.6.2 is here today with deeper blog migration and more fixes


Yeah… more updates! :zap:

So many cool things packed into this one. Blog importer/migration tool, is a lot more in-depth - it’s a more flexible approach to different kinds of sources and will loop through even long and heavy WordPress blogs over multiple pages with 100s of blog posts! There’s more compatibility with specific blog platforms like Tumblr and RapidWeaver’s Armadillo as well as other various little improvements, fixes and :bug: crushed.

Best of all, it’s a FREE update to all 4.x license holders and really easy to update. Just replace all files on your Pulse folder (except for “content” and “template” - which contain your template files, page content, blocks and media). More on the details of the update and how to do it below.

More can be found on the migrate page about blog importing.

OK, without further ado…

How to get it

  • Free update to all 4.x users!
  • If you’re on the email list, it’s already been emailed out (or will be soon!)
  • If have 4.5.2, click the “download” link in the admin UI.
  • If you have neither the above, sign up to the mailing list and get it!

Don’t forget to buy your license for using Pulse on a live / remote server!

How to install it

  • Upload all files to your Pulse folder, except for “content” and “template” folders
  • Take a backup before this step in case something goes wrong. Easiest way to do this is download content>backups and the latest backup zip file.
  • Upload and enjoy!

What’s changed?




  • Blog import even more in-depth and powerful! Options added for the page extension name and max number of pages for a deeper and wider RSS crawl. It’s now a more flexible approach to different kinds of sources and will loop through even long and heavy WordPress blogs over multiple pages with 100s of blog posts!
  • Blog page can now use an alternative template. In previous versions this wasn’t possible and would result in a linking error


  • Contact form errors when email sent are now fixed
  • Add note in config file for jpeg compression so clearer applies to height of image
  • Some session login errors that were appearing in some rare cases are now fixed



  • Blog import - improve handling of HTML in the description/content fields
  • Blog import better compatibility with RSS feeds from specific systems like Armadillo for RapidWeaver
  • Blog import new requires input for better usability - no blank screens!
  • Forms, Gallery, Slider tags better compatibility with Pulse in sub folders
  • Stats UI improvements in some languages
  • More language variables added for Bounce rate in stats, Blog UI meta data, title, description and the embed instruction
  • For sure this time: Ordered lists and un-ordered lists now appear in editor
  • Stats now appear clearly on smaller devices, such as iPhone 5, without getting squashed
  • Top referrer links in Stats now link to the referred sites correctly
  • Added note for config.php and image compression so clearer what happens

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Still doesn’t work with Armadillo.


Does now :slight_smile:

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Pulse 4.7 is here and the best version of Pulse yet ⚡️