Pulse 5.1BETA5 is here! ⚡️

Following on from all the other Betas... Pulse 5.1BETA5 is here!

And that's now 103 new features, improvements and fixes!!

In this edition we welcome Brazilian Portuguese :brazil: and Russian :ru: languages to the Pulse admin dashboard :slight_smile:

Here's the definitive list from this round:

Pulse 5.1BETA5


  • Nós falamos Português do Brasil! Pulse5 now ships with Brazilian Portuguese as standard in the admin
  • Мы говорим по-русски! Pulse5 now ships with Russian as standard in the admin
  • Added checkbox to contact form for agreeing t&c for GDPR. It’s also recommended to use SMTP and SSL servers to receive email.
  • Log viewer added in settings > extended area. Download the logs to debug/error test or viewer directly inside the Admin settings
  • New things ready for RapidWeaver integration: Inline Editing, lightbox styling, statistics and various bug fixes


  • Updated to Redactor 3.0.11 (from 3.0.9)
  • The Masonry Gal and Blog tags (blog-list, blog, blog-tags) now use Flexbox!
  • Sub blog embed tag added {{blog-show:subblog}} to embed helper view
  • {{blog-show:blogname}} now shows all blog items without pagination for a simplified sub-blog. Sub-blogs allow you to show more than one blog on the same website! To get its categories use: {{blog-tags:blog/[subblogname]}}


Download it now from your Pulse dashboard!! >

No doubt this will be the last BETA for 5.1, with final release expected early next week!

And there will be a RapidWeaver Stacks announcement next week too :star_struck:

Happy Pulsing! :zap:


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