Pulse 5.3.9 is now available for download!


Pulse 5.3.9


• Olark Tag - you can now easily add an Olark Chat widget to your site using the {{olark:id=xxx-xxx-}} tag - thanks @ArmendHajdari

• New Navigation Settings Widget! Better drag and drop, easier to make sub menus and nested menus, deleting is more intuitive, 3 levels deep sub menus are easy to make, non live items are in a new Pending column


• Users now stay on Navigation page after saving

• Improvements to Locked page login screen for client portals - takes branding from Media folder

• Improvement for Stats links that were truncated. The cutoff is now 60 characters instead of 30

• The WYSIWYG setting now controls also the Editor for Blog posts

• Added some error trapping when uploading Pulse core updates that exceed the server upload limit. This happens when the upload is larger than the POST MAX SIZE limit. So uncommenting that in the .htaccess fixes this.

• The blog page wraps the blog data in its own inline edit widget

• The ##more## tag now doesn't appear for logged-in users when inline editing


• Bug fix for deleting all items in the Navigation Menu (as well as general deleting)

• Added support for percentage % characters in attribute strings for {{block_loop}} tag

• Updates to MailChimp Forms integration

• Embed titles missing on blog posts embed command is fixed

• Fix for special characters in blog and media

• Shop items now appearing in Ecommerce store and the JS errors have gone

• Inline editing now saves correctly

• Fix for Dropzone uploader tag PDF not working

• Fix for some users having a white screen after uploading 5.3.8. It is also recommended to use PHP 7.2 or higher as this is the current version getting security fixes: https://www.php.net/supported-versions.php

• Fix for selecting images from sub folders in inline editing mode

• Fix for blog editing working in inline edit - opens in its own modal with all the different fields

• Fix for blog item filtering removing dashes “-”

• Fix for the blog routing that was removing the string “blog”, so subblogs containing the name “blog” were mangled


Thanks all now working including rss.php


When I try to update the easy way I get a blank page after the upload is done. When I hit refresh I see I'm still on 5.3.8

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This is most likely server related

The solution is to allow more upload in terms of memory and execution time.

See you host about increasing these in the php.ini file something along these lines:


And increase for as large they will allow