Pulse 5 Bug Reporting

As we start to play around with the new Pulse 5, is there a preferred way that you want us to report bugs? Should we do it here or via email?


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My opinion is.
All users who bought Pulse (“Millennium Edition”),
I have the right to know about all the errors.
Therefore, it is necessary to notify every user of all errors.
Notify everyone!
How to fix errors.
In the current version.
Do not wait for a new version.

Never do bug reporting in forums, as most of the bugs might be configuration issues on the users side, which are not related to others.

Please supply them by email to help (at) pulsecms (dot) com, or if RapidWeaver integration related, to info (at) instacks (dot) com.
We have our issue tracking system for that.

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In my opinion, it makes much more sense to have a public bugtracker.

I have tested Pulse 5 the last 2 or 3 days and found many bugs but I don’t know, are they already known?
It makes no sense that different people mail the same bug 3 or 5 times that does more work than it should do. :wink:

They are already known and tracked.

It doesn’t make sense to report bugs in a public forum. A forum never forgets, and a user might find bug reports, which are already fixed.
In addition, debugging problems over a isn’t very productive.

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Thanks @Raimo! Email was the preferred method but we’re now going to move it to GitHub so as @Oliver says it’s easier to track.

Thanks @IvaRo we always notify all updates via email, twitter, Facebook, forum and also exhaustive list here:

We’re always transparent about fixes and work hard to make it all happen :slight_smile:

But as @instacks says forums is not the best place for this and best if we stick to 1 channel as it’s like this otherwise:

Back soon on where to post :slight_smile:

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Please post them here:

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