Pulse 5 has launched!

A little bird told me Pulse 5 is finally dropping next week:

Looks like next week it is πŸ‘ Fingers get ready for some #Pulse5 action

β€” Pulse CMS (@pulse_cms) November 30, 2017

It’s been worth the wait and worth the upgrade :zap:

Pulse 5.0 final version is going out to the dashboard today for download :sunny::rocket::tada: Thanks for all your feedback shaping this amazing product.

And general release next Monday/Tuesday so please help us spread the word then! :star2:

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And we're live!!!!!

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Pulse 5.0.1 has been released!

Pulse5.0.1 released today with some minor updates mainly non-English lang updates: http://help.pulsecms.com/article/10-version-history

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