Pulse 5 upgrades

I like a lot of what I see in Pulse 5 and the manual is definitely a huge improvement over the Pulse 4 one however I’d like to see some more attention paid to upgrades. Yes, it’s insanely easy to install for a new site, but I want to upgrade my old sites.

The first thing would be an upgrade package that doesn’t include all the sample content so my stuff doesn’t get overwritten when I do step 2 of the upgrade process. Ideally, part of that would be a local version of /inc/plugins and /inc/tags. I modified some of the included 4.7 tags and now I have to go through the process of making sure my modifications remain. A local version of the template directory would also be useful.

I would like to see documentation on themes. I have a highly customized template/layout.php which seems to work but it doesn’t have any of the new theme tags like:

<?php echo \pulsecore\get_context()->theme->body_tag->render(array('')); ?>

I don’t really know what I’m missing or if there’s even subtle problems with my pages waiting to bite me in the future.

Thanks to you and the team that are working on this. I’m definitely a fan.

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Thanks for the comment and kind words @lordryck and glad you can see the improvements. Lots of late nights :rofl:

Agreed - starting a blank site is the best approach - Pulse5 in a new project.

Migration from Pulse4 > Pulse5 depends on how customised the Pulse4 install was. If just standard install - even with plugins from adding - then it’s a straight forward template layout.php update.

We’ll add more to the docs and videos on this over time. We’re doing our best to get more resources out there. There are some upgrades in the wild that look awesome and went smoothly.

That said in your case it might not be that difficult. Nothing will hit you in the future. That tag for example is for theme selection from the settings (which you might not need in this project).

If you have any specific questions, we could take a look at your layout file and offer any tips :slight_smile: