Pulse 6.0.8 Updates are Here! Updated Redactor, calendar block and more!

Hi everyone,

We are excited to announce our latest update for all Pulse versions! :zap: This includes an updated Redactor plug-in (new interface, updated features and more!), a calendar embed block, and leaner, cleaner code.

Also! We have some cooks in the kitchen whipping up a new recipe: AI Copilot! :robot: This is set to launch in the New Year to start 2024 off with a bang! :boom:

Feel free to drop us a line below for other features you would want to see in upcoming updates!

Paid users: Download Pulse 6.0.8

Free users: Download Pulse 6.0.8 Core

What's New:

  • Redactor upgrade and implementation
  • Calendar block
  • Updates to code fixing some minor user bugs, cleaner code

The feature limitations of Pulse Core (free for most) are:

  • Limited to 1 user.
  • Automatic upgrade feature is not available.


I'm a paid user. Where can I find the full Pulse 6 and Pulse 6 Slim?

Both are available in the dashboard 14 .

Does Pulse Core include support for RapidWeaver, Blocs and 2-factor authentication?

Yes, it includes the same support as the standard PulseCMS version.

Can I share the 1 login with multiple people?

Yes. While you cannot create more than one user/password, you are free to share the login information.

What if I or my clients generate over $400,000 per year?

You or your clients will need to buy a license to PulseCMS if their business generates more than that. If your income or revenue exceeds $400,000, you will need to purchase a license for production use. You can still use PulseCMS Core for development or evaluation until you're ready for production.

Why the $400,000 limit on Pulse Core?

We want to make PulseCMS sustainable. We're experimenting with this as a more careful initiative than making PulseCMS fully free.

Is Pulse Core open source?

Not quite. Because you cannot publicly share or redistribute your code modifications. Typical open source licenses such as GPL or MIT would allow this. However, the source code in Pulse Core is fully visible in the ZIP file, and individuals can modify it. It is a proprietary license with source code.

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