Pulse 6 new features

Hi, I have just updated my server so it runs PHP 8 and am about to test out version 6.02. So far it is lightening fast, which is great! 5.14 was really slow for me.
I have upgraded a couple of my 5.3 Pulse sites to use PHP8 and they sseem to work fine.
You mention that V6 has easier and better code and in particular its easier to use HTML templates. Is there any revised documentation abou this available?

Hi @jdloudon, we are pumped to hear that version 6.02 is working well for you so far! What have you liked the most about it so far? Is there something missing that you would like to see?

We are working on revising our documentation for Pulse 6. You can find information about our templates here: PulseCMS Docs
Please let us know if there is anything else missing so we can add it!

Also, stay tuned, we will be launching our beta HTML export feature soon! :zap:

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