Pulse and Blocs images and contact form problem

Hello everybody

I already work with some countries with Blocs and now we have Pulse as a CMS geschaft.

Unfortunately we found two problems. Unfortunately, I did not receive an answer in the Blocs forum. Here are the two links:

Hope you can help me with this.
Sorry for my bad English.

The slider is working - did you fix this?

The image path should be working on Blocs export.
Can you add images ok to posts?

The contact form - you can use the built in Pulse form or a Pulse form plugin.
Usually if a form is not being received it can be if the server is not compatible with PHP mailer?

Let us know what stage you are at now :slight_smile:

Have now used Pulse 4 and everything works fine. There must be something wrong with Pulse 5 and Blocs 2.6.4.

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Thanks - we’ll do a bug report and Blocs3 will be out this year so am sure it will be ironed out in the next update :slight_smile:

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