Pulse + Blocs. htaccess setting

Hi! I use pulse cms along with blocs. And I need to configure the htaccess file. It's empty now. and without setting it, I can't navigate through the pages of my site: only the main page is displayed, and when I try to navigate to other pages through the menu, I get 404. You can see it here: http://u0574916.plsk.regruhosting.ru

How do I do that?

In your Pulse install files there is one called sample.htaccess Just change the name .htaccess and you are done.

  • or alternately, open the sample.htaccess file with a text editor or something, and copy and paste the contents into your .htaccess file
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@Raimo, when I downloaded the installation package, it was automatically unzipped on the Mac and .htaccess file was gone. I again downloaded package already on Windows and took made there file. Everything worked! Thanks!

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Maybe it was hidden on the Mac?

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