Pulse Builder Export problem


Hi there, I’m having issue with Pulse Builder. I cannot see any option to save my project as template.
There is no dropdown arrow on the save button.


If you are in edit mode, there is an export option. On the upper bar, where the save button is, there are some other symbols. Click onto the square with the arrow in it and save your design to your local machine. But what you get is pure HTML/CSS, without any Pulse code or whatever.


It could be browser related @Martin3 - try another and see if that helps

There is more on this here:

Pulse 5.3.6 was released last week

Hi, thank you for your answer. I used Safari, Opera, FireFox on Mac and Opera on Windows without any results. I have no option to export as a template.


Yup, I have the same issue.


Hmmm... I have that option in Chrome

Will need to test if it's actually your account and permissions.


In my case, it works in Vivaldi. What exactly happens when you click on the Export button?

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Improved in:

So should now appear :slight_smile:
(Tested in Chrome and Safari)