Pulse client user manual

Although Pulse is nice and easy it is not all self explanatory. Therefore I and probably lots of you have made simple instructions to give to clients when they hand over a site.
I have a basic document that we could maybe use as a base for a more comprehensive user manual. If anyone feels like pitching in and adding, editing or embellishing it would be great!
Here is a link to the document on MediaFire so you can download it.


If you want to edit it send me your name and email and I’ll add you as a user.


That is a great idea @jdloudon!

@TimPlumb had a nice manual that he used too. And we’ve often talked about a white-label user manual that can be edited and sent to a client.

If we start editing this and get it to a V1 we are happy with then we can add it to http://help.pulsecms.com for anyone to easily download :wink:

One thing I have been doing is adding blocks in Pulse that have instructions for that page, so the "Home" folder will have a .txt file with specific instructions for that page, and a "general instructions" .txt block that they see as soon as they open the "Blocks" folder in Pulse. I have attached a pic of one of these as an example

Here is a link to the .txt file above - with "generic" contact info

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Thanks for these suggestions.
I particularly like your idea, Raimo, I’m going to do just that.
It should definitely reduce user support questions.

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Great idea guys!

If that is a popular one, we can ship it in Pulse and you can just change the “if you have any questions…” line to your own contact details

In Pulse 5 the help link is easily customisable and also there is a small space that appears on the dashboard. If you add any info to a “dash-block” it will appear here. Good for adding quick Tag notes or “call me__ number __ if you have any questions”

That was @TimPlumb idea :slight_smile:

oh yay thanks a lot. t4p

We also have a manual here too: