⚡ Pulse Cloud Club is here! 🙂🎊


Today we are thrilled to announce Pulse Cloud Club.

Pulse Cloud is now one license for unlimited sites for you and your clients.

Join the Pulse Cloud today to get unlimited sites, Pulse updates delivered direct to you instantly, premium addons, form builder app (to make multi-page interactive forms and surveys with form logic and stats), Pulse 5 when it drops, and many more exclusive things, and an online dashboard to manage it all.

A little more detail and FAQs

  1. I am current Pulse 4 license holder. What does this mean?
    For current license owners nothing affects you or your current live sites. The sites you have live will still work and always will and get updates for remainder of 4.x, with 4.7 around the corner.

  2. Why should I join Pulse Cloud Club?

Wow, so many great great reasons. Here are but a few:

  • Get to use Pulse (any edition) on unlimited domains - no need to buy another license for each project. One serial number for all your sites.

  • Manage all Pulse installs, your new serial number and client sites from your all new Pulse dashboard. Add and activate!

  • Get Pulse 5 instantly in your account as soon as it ships in 2017. It will be FREE to you and you'll get it first. Pulse Cloud Club will be the only way to upgrade to Pulse 5.

  • Go beyond the {{form}} tag. Build complex forms for your Pulse sites with drag and drop, embed quickly and easily multi-page contact forms, questionnaires and registrations and manage results and stats from your contact form dashboard. Export data anytime and share notifications across multiple users. Even add form logic for those deep and long forms.

  • Download and host the complete unobfuscated codebase to use on any server - keep hosting on your own servers or your clients' and enjoy working with Pulse in your own environments

  • Regular FREE code updates for the length of your subscription. Updates appear on your dashboard and download as and when you need them. No need to go searching for it.

  • Priority email support to get you out of jams

  • Get premium Pulse addons: 4 themes and 5 addons currently and more on the way. Addons include the plugins Localiser, Stripe Checkout, Audio, Card, Members and themes Flat, Launch, Deck and Write

  • Get access to more free apps to compliment your design work: Dropkick (web designer), Sushi (invoice manager), Peek (SEO tools) and threeways (responsive web design tester).

  • Easily order hosted sites with us if you no longer want to do that yourself. These are ordered as addons through your account to get Pulse installed and hosted on your behalf.

If you build more than one site for you or clients, or charge for your work, this is a no-brainer! Let's make great sites together and enjoy doing it.

Some more important questions:

  1. I am a current Pulse 4 unlimited yearly customer on $199/year plan
    Don't worry, we'll be in touch soon and you get Pulse Cloud for free and continue on your current plan.

  2. I am already hosting Pulse sites with you
    Great! You can also order the above Pulse unlimited download plan with access to all the great apps. Use the coupon mentioned below to get it without signup fee.

  3. I am struggling with hosting for Pulse and want to outsource this
    Sometimes it's easier to let us handle this. You can add sites from $10/month. That's enough space for you to markup and make a monthly recurring profit form your clients. Get SSL, CDN and fast hosted Pulse sites without worrying about setup. Learn more on that here: https://upgrade.pulsecms.com/personal.html

  4. How do I join Pulse Cloud?
    Go here: https://upgrade.pulsecms.com/business.html
    It's $16/month and $23 to signup.

:zap: And here's to a happy Pulsing future and supporting you in your many web projects! :slight_smile::confetti_ball:

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