Pulse CMS 3.5.5 to Latest Version

Hi there - I've searched around and couldn't find any info on how we can move from the old Pulse CMS 3.5.5 to the latest version. Can someone point me in the right direction or provide instructions for that?


Hi there-
The easiest is:

  1. Backup your existing Pulse install.
  2. Use the built-in upgrade function.

Remember, you can easily copy and paste your Pulse install in order to try it out. Just visit /admin/install.php to "re-detect" the Pulse folder after you change the path.

So, if you're concerned about upgrades not working, just copy the folder, run /admin/install.php, then run the Pulse installer.

Note that in the next version we are making upgrades much easier. You will be able to choose which files you specifically want to upgrade.

Great, thanks for the response.

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