Pulse CMS Installation

I have PHP Version 5.6.28 installed on the server and I am not able to get the /admin front end page to load. I am getting a 403 Forbidden Access error, Does anyone have any tips/advice?

Try /admin/index.php
If this works you can add “DirectoryIndex index.php” to your .htaccess file.

Thank you for the prompt response Dirk, I tried the company.com/admin/index.php and was able to get to the Pulse CMS login page. However, when trying to login it fails. What line in the .htaccess file would I have to update?

It looks like you have an IIS. No way to get Pulse running there. It does not support .htaccess and the whole Pulse file system is based on rewrite rules.


Thank again for the response, have you ever had any luck with implementing any IIS addons that provide configuration models that for apache modules?

Helicon Ape http://www.helicontech.com/ape/

I never tried. I remember to had to recode a finished project to ASP 10 years ago and I hated it. Since then I always install Apache in my clients’ environment. Sorry.

Thanks for helping out here @dirk

Yes - @Jbeard - Pulse requires Apache.

It can run on Amazon too using NGINX if you have an EC2 account?

Otherwise, if you need Apache hosting, we offer it in Pulse Cloud for a low monthly cost:

Alternatively, the vast majority of shared hosting runs on Apache and those are also available for next to nothing per month.

Hope you can get it installed soon

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